I finished page 4 of Dark Cherry today. Only two little pages left and she will be done! Page 5 comes out in September, and page 6 comes out in November. Can’t wait to see her finished.


This past weekend was the HAEDless Sampler SAL. I’m working on Cirque des Triangles. It is slow going because I only work on it during the SAL weekend once a month… but I do love how it’s turning out. The colors remind me of the ocean, so it is rather peaceful to stitch. During the SAL I completed the triangles across the top row of the chart. 

Here is my after photo:

Yesterday was the wrap up of the HAED week long Fairy Day SAL. I worked on TT Letter R. The little miss in this chart is Roane, the Irish seal Fae. I am quite happy with the amount of stitching I was able to get done. Once I finish this page there are only 2 half pages left until she is done. I replaced the sparklies in the background with a light blue color to help vary the overall amount of color in the piece, and to give it the water feel.

Here is my progress for the SAL.


18 ct. Aida 2x1

18 ct. Aida 2x1


Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

Happy Fairy Day!

I’m very excited because I just finished page 3 of Dark Cherry! Page 4 comes out in July, so I have a couple weeks to take a break from this one until the next page comes out. I love the way she is turning out! It was great to start on her mermaid tail… even with all the confetti!

Dark Cherry Page 3

Dark Cherry Page 3

The HAEDless sampler SAL was this past weekend. I’ve been focusing on Dark Cherry… trying to finish page 3, so it was hard to put her down to work on my sampler. I did manage to get some time to work on my sampler for a bit on Saturday. I finished one of the triangles and about half way through another. I’m really happy with how this is coming together, considering that I only work on this during SAL weekends. I’m almost all the way across the top of the chart.

Cirque des Triangles

I’m hoping to be done with page 3 of Dark Cherry within the next week. Look for a picture soon!

I finished page 2 of Dark Cherry tonight. I am beyond excited, because this page was a little bit of a struggle for me for some reason. I’m sure page 3 will go smoother. Life is a little less hectic these days, and that always helps with the stitching.

Sorry, the pic isn’t the greatest… low light, took with my phone… all the makings of a bad picture. : )

18 Ct. (2x1)

18 Ct. (2x1)

Wow! It has been a while since I posted an entry. Life has gotten really busy between work and my boys school. I have been able to get some stitching time in, but haven’t had much time for the blog or bulletin boards.

Here’s a quick update.

I’m working on the 2009 HAED SAL… I chose Dark Cherry. Page 2 came out in March and I have about 2000 stitches left to go to finish the page. I’ll post a picture once that page is done.

I finished the Celtic Mystery Sampler by Ink Circles!!! It was so much fun to work on, but I was also really excited to see it finished.

Celtic Mystery Sampler on 25 Ct. Mystic Mint fab (2x1)

Celtic Mystery Sampler on 25 Ct. Mystic Mint fab (2x1)

I have started a new sampler… Cirque Des Trianges by Ink Circles. I am doing the triangle outlines in a solid color (DMC 3809) and the inside motifs in DMC Variations 4030. I love the colors. They remind me of the ocean, which makes this a very soothing piece to work on… and in a time of hecticness (I think I just made that word up) that is always a plus.

This is a terrible picture, but its the only one I have. Ill have to take a better one once I get more done.

This is a terrible picture, but it's the only one I have. I'll have to take a better one once I get more done.